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1.we always ask for man to innocent as child, but able as father.我们总是要求男人有孩子一样的眼神,但要有父亲一样的能力。

2.all or nothing, now or never 。要么没有,要么全部。要么现在,要么永不。

3.the sandflass remembers the time we lost沙漏记得`我们遗忘的时光。

4.don‘t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn‘t willing to waste their time on you. 不要为那些不愿在你身上花费时间的人而浪费你的时间。

5.smile to a new day,a new day indicates a new hope! just be a optimistic person!think positive!whenever you feel unhappy,think something that makes you happy!remember what we should remember,forget what we should forget!be a happy one!

6.the field of skating boy said don't trouble! he didn't answer! just call cousin to buy beer, so her face in front of the girls, girls drink wine nor obstruct, around a rink, staring at them, locked away the forcibly boy, girl, but when they go to a crossroads:

7.love is a carefully designed lie. 爱情是一个精心设计的谎言。

8.first impression of you is most lasting.对你最初的印象,久久难以忘怀。

9.don't be discouraged; it's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. 别灰心,往往是最后一把钥匙才能打开锁。

10.fake friends never betray in front of you. they always do it behind you. 假朋友从不会当面背叛你,都是背后。

11.happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. - albus dumbledore。即使在最黑暗的日子里,也能寻到幸福。

12.let`s write that letter we thought of writing "one of these days"。曾"打算有那么一天"去写的信,就在今天写吧。

13.vous ne m’a jamais dit que jamais, jamais je n’ai à demain.你对我说永远永远,永远不是我要的明天。

14.you and me together, we can make magic我们两个一起可以创造奇迹。

15.i prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time tenderness.我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴。

16.that i exist is a perpetual surprise which is life. 我的存在,对我是一个永久的神奇,这就是生活。

17.no amount of damage i don’t care, wiped away tears tell yourself prohibit to cry.再多的伤害我也不在乎,擦干眼泪告诉自己不准哭。

18.give free to him when you fall in love and give free to love when you don’t love.爱的时候,让他自由;不爱的时候,让爱自由。

19.you’re always there for me.当我需要你时你永远在那里。

20.you love me coz i’m not bad.but you love him even though he maybe a mistake.你喜欢我,因为我是个不错的人,但你爱他,哪怕他是个错的人.

21.it’s not about what you say, its about what you do. 关键不是你说什么,而是你做什么。说得再好,没有行动又怎样

22.in such a soft and warm season, please accept my sincere blessing and deep concern for you. 在这充满温馨的季节里,给你我真挚的祝福及深深的思念。

23.maybe time can dashes away everything!也许时间可以冲淡一切吧。

24.love. i fell in love with it so lonely.愛情.它讓我愛上寂寞。

25.to lost in something you love is better than to win in something you hate. 宁可失败在你喜欢的事情上,也不要成功在你所憎恶的事情上。

26.don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend. 不要等到孤独了,才明白朋友的价值。

27.one is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music then one day, you will find that the things you try hard to forget are already gone. 一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的瞬间,你会发现,原本是费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就那么忘记了。

28.it’s okay to have flaws, which make you real. 有点缺点没关系,这样才真实。

29.you have no wrong, i am not wrong just a gust of wind, blew the comm你没有错,我没有错只是一阵风,吹熄了承诺。

30.thank you for comforting me when i’m sad 感谢你在我伤心时安慰我

31.her wishful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night.她的热切的脸,如夜雨似的,搅扰着我的梦魂。

32.i love and am used to keeping a distance with those changed things.only in this way can i know what will not be abandoned by time. forexample, when you love someone, changes are all around. then i stepbackward and watching it silently, then i see the true feelings.我喜欢并习惯了对变化的东西保持着距离,这样才会知道什么是最不会被时间抛弃的准则。比如爱一个人,充满变数,我于是后退一步,静静的看着,直到看见真诚的感情。

33.we are all too young, a lot of things don't yet know, don't put the我们都太年轻,很多事都还不了解,别把错爱当恩宠。

34.sometimes we may be disturbed by some small things,in that case,we should adjust our emotions well,as we are in a society that one is related to others. we never live a life alone!

35.do you understand the feeling of missing someone it is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into tears.你知道思念一个人的滋味吗,就像喝了一大杯冰水,然后用很长很长的时间流成热泪。

36.i can stay to recall, only then has disconsolate 此情可待成追忆,只是当时已惘然。

37.god expects answers for the flowers he sends us, not for the sun the earth.神希望我们酬答他,在于他送给我们的花朵,而不在于太阳和土地。伤感的句子

38.life is a chain of moments of enjoyment,not only about survival 。生活是一串串的快乐时光,我们不仅仅是为了生存而生存。

39.life is a chain of moments of enjoyment, not only about survival.生活是一串串的快乐时光,我们不仅仅是为了生存而生存。

40.believe that god is fair.相信上帝是公平的。

41.love is a woman with the ears, and if the men will love, but love is to use your eyes 女人是用耳朵恋爱的,而男人如果会产生爱情的话,却是用眼睛来恋爱。

42.darling you know i love you till the end of time亲爱的你知道,我爱你,直到地老天荒。

43.if i could only be with you in my dreams ,baby, well,i would want to sleep forever. 如果只有在梦里才能和你在一起,那么,宝贝,我宁愿长睡不起。

44.no matter how long night, the arrival of daylight association 黑夜无论怎样悠长,白昼总会到来。

45.don't judge someone's past, when you haven't walked their journey!如果你没有经历过别人所经历的事情,就不要去评判一个人的过去!

46.rest belongs to the work as the eyelids to the eyes. 休息与工作的关系,正如眼睑与眼睛的关系。

47.in this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。

48.when you feel hurt and your tears are gonna to drop please look up and have a look at the sky once belongs to us if the sky is still vast,clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my leave doesn’t take away the world that belongs to you. 当你的心真的在痛,眼泪快要流下来的时候,那就赶快抬头看看,这片曾经属于我们的天空;当天 依旧是那么的广阔,云依旧那么的潇洒,那就不应该哭,因为我的离去,并没有带走你的世界。

49.there will always be people who’ll hurt you, so you need to continue trusting,just be careful.生活中总会有伤害你的人,所以你仍然需要继续相信别人,只是小心些而已。

50.go back to the past, http://www.yulu.cc can return.回到过去,只能回到。

51.if we believe that true love never has to end, then we must know that we will love again.如果我们相信真爱永不会终止,那么我们一定将会再次相爱。

52.i apply to get into your life.我申请,加入你的人生。

53.idon’t think that when people grow up, they will become morebroad-minded and can accept everything. conversely, i think it’s aselecting process, knowing what’s the most important and what’s theleast. and then be a simple man.我不觉得人的心智成熟是越来越宽容涵盖,什么都可以接受。相反,我觉得那应该是一个逐渐剔除的过程,知道自己最重要的是什么,知道不重要的东西是什么。而后,做一个纯简的人。

54.life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re gonna get!生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远不知道你会得到什么。

55.life is not like lin daiyu.it won’t be "charming and graceful" because of sorrow. 生活不是林黛玉,不会因为忧伤而风情万种。

56.if it blossoms, i will love; if not, give up. i just accompany u merrily for the sake of scenery not for you. 如果花开了,就喜欢;如果花落了,就放弃。陪你在路上满心欢喜是因为风景,不是因为你。

57.peu de soleil, toujours ensoleillé .小太阳 、依旧阳光明媚。

58.when the words "i love you" were said by you for the first time, my world blossoms.第一次听到你对我说"我爱你",我的世界一瞬间鲜花绽开。

59.in the end,from the part untill now,ever the future,i just want to be with you,because you are my sunshine,in my live,in my heart.

60.we shall always save a place for ourselves,only for ourselves.and then begin to love.have no idea of what it is,who he is,how to love or how long it will be.just wait for one love.maybe no one will come out,but this kind of waiting is the love itself.